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Profiting From Data: How Investment Managers Turn Consumer Spending Data into Alpha

By Maiden Century, Consumer Edge

This eBook, written in collaboration between Maiden Century and Consumer Edge, explores the benefits and investment use-cases for consumer spending data. Find out why nine out of ten managers who use Alternative Data subscribe to at least one consumer transactions dataset. Learn about the data sourcing process and how the use-cases have evolved for investors. Finally, learn why spending data is expected to retain its place in the portfolio of tools for today’s investors and read a real-world example of the data in action.


Key Take-Aways:

  • Sourcing of Spending Data: Lifecycle of the data starting from consumer transactions to raw records, aggregation, cleansing, and productization.
  • Key Attributes of Spending Data: How investors benefit from granularity, cross-channel views, daily frequency and robust analysis potential.
  • Use-Cases Across Investor Types: Macro analysis and early identification of broad consumer trends, screening for new and unique investment ideas, and selecting the right KPIs to model.
  • Partnership of Consumer Edge and Maiden Century: How the data is consumed and applied, allowing investors to build reliable predictive models and make more informed decisions.
  • Includes real-world example with data for Lululemon
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