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Fixing Data Discovery: Why we built Spotlight for investors and how it works

Qaisar Hasan

Qaisar Hasan

Founder & CEO

Earlier this year we introduced a new feature that changed the way investors discover and onboard Alternative Data. The feature is called Spotlight and it is integrated into the IDEA platform, bringing data discovery seamlessly into the existing workflow of investors.


We built Spotlight because the old process of data discovery was broken. Investors simply did not know what data out there could be better suited to their companies. To find out, they had to negotiate trials with data vendors, go through an onerous onboarding process, and run their own backtests. This took months for just one dataset. And the results were often disappointing. After all, how many datasets must you trial to find the best one to model say, the streaming revenues of Netflix?


We envisioned a better way.


In theory, an investor should see if there is better data available as they are doing their analysis. But for that to happen someone had to do all the heavy lifting first. Someone had to do the negotiations, onboarding, normalization, backtesting, and visualizations for dozens of datasets. So we did.


This is why we built Spotlight, on top of a foundation trusted by the investment industry. It is incredibly intuitive to use and it is very powerful. Beyond shaving weeks or months off of discovery and onboarding, it can surface a dataset you never knew existed, and never suspected it could be the best fit for your KPI.


Here is how to use it.


Step 1: Login to the IDEA platform and select your ticker and KPI.



Step 2: In Vendor Ranking, Click to Spotlight



Simply click to view the #1 performing dataset for that ticker / KPI combination. You will see the name of the vendor that has the best-performing dataset and can request to trial the data right there and then.


To see it in action for your stocks in real-time, fill out this form and we will be in touch.



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