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Introducing a new seamless way to discover and onboard data: Spotlight from Maiden Century

Qaisar Hasan

Qaisar Hasan

Founder & CEO

Spotlight by Maiden Century: Revolutionizing Data Discovery for Investors

The current Data Discovery process for investors using Alternative Data is onerous at best and broken at worst.

Investors searching for new data sources for a particular company will see hundreds of options that may or may not add to the quality of their models. However, they lack the bandwidth to evaluate all these data options as their time is scarce and extremely valuable. Investors need a quick and streamlined way to discover data that is both accurate and relevant to their portfolio.


The Challenge of Data Discovery and Onboarding


Most investors already have one or multiple Alternative Data sources and are relying on internal models to forecast KPIs for public companies. However, knowing if they have the best data for their names remains a unique challenge. How can investors tell that there may be a better source of data to predict KPIs for a particular company? Without doing data discovery, they can’t – it’s like knowing the unknown. The problem is that today, data discovery is slow and onerous. To identify a new dataset, investors must either rely on consultants or hire data scouts who initiate conversations with different vendors. Each vendor is incentivized to sell investors their primary dataset without understanding how well their data fits the portfolio of said investor. The conversations, negotiations, data trials, and then finally onboarding can take months. Compliance adds another layer of complexity and lag on top of this process. Building models on top of the new data set takes more time and precious resources. Months can pass before the data is evaluated and the reason to evaluate the data in the first place may have already passed.


Now, there is a better way.


Introducing Spotlight: Data Discovery Re-imagined


Imagine if someone had already done all the hard work of onboarding and back-testing your data to your portfolio’s holdings. Imagine all you need to do to discover better data is one click.



It’s Spotify for Data: Just like Spotify helps you discover new artists and tracks to fit your mood, Spotlight lets you seamlessly discover the best data ensemble that fits your portfolio. Spotlight can help you identify what you are missing: Is there a better data set for your fund’s largest position? Now, you can find out in seconds.


Spotlight lets investors just like you:


  • Discover new data sets that fit your portfolio holdings.
  • Seamlessly trial data: At the click of a button “Spotlight” the vendor that provides accurate data on your company. Just one more click to request a trial.
  • Cut through onerous data onboarding, integration, and endless compliance iteration: All the hard work has already been done. Realize value from new datasets in days, not months.
  • Improve your forecasts: Integrate data that measurably improves model forecasts.


About Maiden Century


We are a leading Alternative Data Platform that helps investors make better forecasts with confidence. Our platform is trusted by the world’s top investors, covering 4,000+ KPIs across 2,000+ public companies. Our time-tested, robust modeling process is regarded as the gold standard by the investment industry.

Take your Data Discovery to the next level with Spotlight from Maiden Century.


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