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From Data to Action: How Data-driven Insights Lead to Client Success

Bob Efstathiou

Bob Efstathiou

Head of Client Success


At Maiden Century, we work with dozens of sophisticated investors at various stages of their data journey. We have learned that success with data depends on the technology and services that can help bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights. Maiden Century offers a platform that empowers investors to earn a high ROI on their data assets and make informed investment decisions with the data they already have. My team provides the service that helps clients trust their data and build confidence in their data-driven investment decisions.


Maiden Century’s Complete Alternative Data Solution Helps Investors Achieve Success with their Data Strategy


Why do investors work with us? Maiden Century’s platform simplifies the process of transforming vast amounts of raw data into meaningful insights. At its core, it offers a place to centralize all of your alternative datasets, regardless of data type, size, frequency, and granularity. On top of the data is a suite of powerful tools, that caters to both novice and experienced investors, enabling them to quickly identify trends and act on them in days instead of weeks. For instance, clients can set up alerts to be notified of meaningful inflections in their KPIs so they never miss an investment opportunity. They can lean on our world-class backtesting models to see which combination of their datasets best applies to a KPI they are tracking.


One other highly valued feature of the IDEA platform is the forward forecast relevance score. This measure helps investors understand the importance of management’s guidance for the out quarter and its relationship to the performance of the company’s stock days after the announcement. Finally, they can pick up the phone and talk to someone on my team to understand more about the signal they are seeing. This three-pronged solution of technology, data, and support works for every structure from large data science teams to a single PM operating with one analyst.


Real-World Examples: LULU and SBUX


The platform’s real-world application can be illustrated with a company that is highly followed in the world of investors: Lululemon. While traditional data sources indicated that Lululemon was performing well in the current quarter, Maiden Century’s forward forecast tool revealed a significant expected downturn in the next quarter. This insight allowed investors to anticipate a 20% drop in Lululemon’s stock, a move that traditional data methods focused on just the near term, missed entirely.


Similarly, for Starbucks, the platform indicated that the company was tracking below expectations long before the broader market realized it. This early warning enabled Maiden Century’s clients to make strategic data-backed decisions, avoiding potential losses as Starbucks’ stock dropped significantly after announcing a revenue miss.


Investors go through stages of data maturity and evolve their process.


Everyone is on a journey and your level of data usage is no different. Clients often start using the platform’s basic features and gradually become more sophisticated users as their needs evolve. For instance, for quants, the platform’s QTIP product allows clients to integrate Maiden Century’s insights directly into their internal models, improving their analytical capabilities and increasing their ROI on data over the long term. For fundamental investors who have to build a thesis for each name, IDEA provides a data-powered sandbox to answer their most probing questions about consumer behavior, operational moat, competitive landscape, and other key business concepts on the fly.


Our best customers tend to start out the most skeptical. They are often seasoned quants or data scientists working in large teams. Once they start using our tools, however, they realize the immense value in the analytical capabilities and insights we provide. Besides saving time with data management, the platform helps them filter and screen data on the fly, giving them the freedom to explore more pointed, challenging questions before they integrate the data into their models. With time, they begin to trust our backtests, which are quickly becoming industry standard, to evaluate new data sets more efficiently.
For example, we had a chief data scientist on a trial who realized that with QTIP, he could bucket stocks based on model performance and make decisions when the odds were stacked in their favor. This capability saved him time and improved his ROI thus turning a skeptical trial user into a loyal customer.


To sum it all up


In essence, Maiden Century’s platform helps investors by converting complex data into clear, actionable insights, empowering them to make better investment decisions. The platform gives fundamental investors a way to interrogate their data while giving systematic investors a way to build better-performing internal models. No matter the strategy, or stage in their journey, our customer success team is there to make sure that clients use these tools to their full potential.


By bridging the gap between data and investment decisions, Maiden Century drives client success, one client at a time.


Want to learn how we can work together to help you get the most out of your Alternative Data? We’d love to hear from you!


Bob Efstathiou, Head of Client Success


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